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        Sell House Fast Cash, Terms                               






Real Estate Investments, Management and Renovations



Who WE Are:

We are a multi service company who has the ability to BUY, REPAIR, MARKET, and SELL HOMES.

We work with Sellers who need to sell or want to sell, but do not want to wait six months to market and sell, repair and renovate their home, pay real estate commissions, or wait for an approved buyer.

We work with buyers who we can move into the property quickly before they complete the tedious loan application and loan processing delays.

We work with all types of buyers and situations. Some need time to alleviate a shortage of down payment or may need time to solve credit issues.

After they move in we work with Lenders to get them "seasoned" so they can qualify for a new loan and then buy the property.

This gives us a very large pool of tenant buyers who make great customers and allow us to buy and sell very quickly.


How to Sell Your House Fast .

We Work with Sellers who:

Need a no hassle, friendly transaction

Need a quick and flexible sale

Need a fair price

Need quick attention

Need to sell a house needing repairs or updating.

Need to be rid of a problem

Need a quick offer

Need fast CASH


How Help:

We have the "know how"

                                         We have the contacts

Attorneys ,Title Research, Lenders , Repair Contractors
Termite Inspector ,Insurance ,Buyer Lists



 We have all of the paperwork so we can close when you need to.

We are problem solvers who can make your payments evaporate and create win  win solutions.






The REAL World for Sellers following the Traditional Selling Process

It takes 6 months on average to sell and close on your house while you continue to pay the house loan, principal, interest, taxes, and insurance.

The average selling price is 97% of your listed price for a home ready to market and priced correctly.

The average commission is 6% to7% of the sales price.

The seller normally pays closing costs, which average 3% of the sale price.

Other costs such as survey, maintenance, repairs and nuisance should also be considered.

Why Should You Follow Conventional Wisdom When You Want To Move Now?


The "Dirty Little Secret" the Realtor®



 Doesn’t Want YOU To Know! 






How much It will cost to  sell a house.






Example of a traditional real estate transaction.


Listing Price: $175,000

Selling Price $169,750 (3% below) (with no repairs)

Commission $11,882 (7% average)

Closing Costs $5,092 (3% average)

Other Costs $8,487 (5% average)

Net Sale: $144,289 (18% TOTAL)


You DON’T Have To Continue To Make Payments And Pay Taxes for 6 Months, Or Longer.


How We Benefit YOU:

We can close fast. If necessary, within 24 hours. Or, we can fit your schedule – you move when you choose.

We can take your property in "AS IS" condition.

We can offer you a fair price.

We can work with you on the timing of your move.

We have solutions for you if your house needs repairs, relocating, behind on payments, divorce, job transfer, or just don’t want to have renters destroy your home.

Either both of us are FULLY SATISFIED with the agreement or we will part as friends and not do business together.





Types Of Offers WE Can Make:

If Your Home has a Mortgage

We’ll take over your payments and give you debt relief.

If there is enough equity after marketing and repairs, we can make payments to you for your equity.

If Your Home has no Mortgage

We can offer to make payments to you for your equity.

Pay CASH for your equity.

Customize An Offer For YOU

If you must have cash, we can pay some Now and some Later.

We’ll give you a Balloon Payment when we sell.

Other Possibilities – Let’s Talk!

What WE Need to Make an Offer:

Your "HOUSE PAPERS" Including:

Deed with Property Legal Description

Mortgage – Also could be named

"Security Deed" or

"All Inclusive Trust Deed"

Mortgage Coupon Book or Latest Statement from Lender

Any existing Survey

Property Tax Bill

Insurance Declaration Page

Your original closing papers could also help


Fast House Sale
Sell House Fast
Sell Home Fast

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